"The Twelve Apostles" Cape Town. Shot this years ago.

“The Twelve Apostles” Cape Town. Shot this years ago.

Say It

Clearly, being a capital P Progressive means never having to admit you were wrong. Even when you are utterly, completely, gob-smackingly wrong.

This fact comes to mind when hearing President Obama’s declared intention to go after ISIS. You see, whatever this president endeavors to do in that part of the world, it will surely prove to be far harder and far costlier than it would have been had he not prematurely yanked virtually all U.S. forces out Iraq early in his presidency.

In fact, this endeavor almost certainly wouldn’t have even been necessary if he had done the responsible thing and kept a formable military presence in place in Iraq (much as we’ve done in South Korea.) ISIS arose in the vacuum created by Mr. Obama’s impetuous, foolhardy pull out.

In Fallujah, Ramadi, Mosul and other key cities in northern Iraq, brave U.S. soldiers drove Al Qaeda in Iraq (now rebranded as ISIS) out — house-by-house, block-by-block — often at the cost of many U.S. lives. But, through the expenditure of precious blood and treasure, they succeeded in driving them out.

What is now known as The Second Battle of Fallujah involved the deadliest street fighting the Marines had seen since Vietnam’s Hue City in 1968. The bravery exhibited during Fallujah II has become part of Marine Corps lore. Ninety-two Americans died in the fighting to crush the Islamist stronghold there.

And this Commander-in-Chief abandoned it without a thought.

Then, back in January–before anyone had heard of ISIL or ISIS–Fallujah fell back into Islamist hands once more. And the journalists who had cheered Mr. Obama’s “undoing of “W’s” mistake could scarcely be bothered to report it. At least until heads literally started rolling.

A few evenings ago the President of the United States addressed the nation regarding his plan to deal with ISIS.  What follows is the speech he did NOT make. But should have:


My fellow Americans,

I’m sorry. I was wrong.

Blinded by a liberal groupthink narrative that took as an article of faith that George W. Bush was an imbecile and that everything he did must be undone, I have squandered the sacrifices made by our combat troops and rendered the deaths of thousands of our noblest souls meaningless.

What is more, by my short-sighted, irresponsible actions, I have doomed tens of thousands of Iraqi Shia, Christians, Yazidis and others to misery, homelessness, slavery and death. 

The current leader of the group perpetrating these crimes against humanity and beheading innocents on video, is a man I chose to release from our Camp Bucca prison in Iraq in 2009.

Again, I’m sorry. I was wrong.

President Abraham Lincoln, comparisons to whom I have very deliberately attempted to cultivate for myself, once made this statement: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

I have been given enormous power and my character has not been up to the test. Please forgive me.

Good night. And may God bless the United States of America, what remains of her.

They Might Be Islamic If . . .

The Twitter-verse practically melted down with incredulity last night when, in the middle of his speech presenting his newly-found strategy for dealing with ISIS, President Obama asserted that “the Islamic State is neither Islamic nor a state.”

Wrong. And wrong.

As for “state-y-ness,” as this presentation reveals, IS is highly organized, bureaucratic, hierarchical and technologically sophisticated.

The President and many other Progressives seem determined to be the global arbiters of who and who isn’t an authentic Muslim. They are also clearly confused about it, so I thought I’d provide this helpful guide to identifying Islamic individuals and groups.

Dear Mr. President:

If they scream “Allahu Akbar” when excited, terrified, angry or startled . . .

. . . they might be Islamic.

If they cite Suras from the Quran as justification for everything they do . . .

. . . they might be Islamic.

If they’re obsessed with recreating the Caliphate that 1000 years ago constituted the pinnacle of Muslim conquest . . .

. . . they might be Islamic.

If their ranks are filled by recruits found in mainstream Sunni mosques all over the world . . .

. . . they might be Islamic.

If the organization’s leader has a Ph.D from Islamic University in Baghdad . . .

. . . they might be Islamic.

Hope that helps Mr. President.



The End-Game of Mindless Political Correctness

It’s an unspeakably ugly story–the details of which are almost too disturbing to absorb. But since most of the major news outlets here in the U.S. have chosen to ignore the unfolding sex trafficking revelations coming out of Rotherham, England (if it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative, it must not exist), I thought I’d provide a couple of links here.

In the event you haven’t heard this horrifying story, go here:

Human Events

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I Witnessed a Minor Miracle This Weekend

I believe I witnessed a minor miracle this Labor Day weekend. It’s true.

The miracle I witnessed?

Well, in a moment in history in which Christians are being beheaded and/or crucified in Iraq; crosses are being pulled down from churches all across China; and Christian schoolgirls are being abducted and sold as slaves in Nigeria . . .

. . . a not-insignificant number of American believers had the time, energy and reserves of outrage take to social media this weekend to mock or condemn Victoria Osteen, wife of Houston pastor Joel Osteen, for some sloppy phrasing while speaking off the cuff on the church platform.

As the old saying goes . . . wonders never cease.

“In fatigue and frustration we threw ourselves at the feet of the state and said, ‘Make me a hired hand. It’s too hard to be a son.'”

–Paul Harvey


In an era of deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

–George Orwell

A Little (Recent) Israeli History

It was nine years ago last week–August 19, 2005 to be precise–that Israel voluntarily turned control of the Gaza strip back over the Palestinian leadership.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon shocked the world and Israel’s body politic by announcing that not only would Israel withdraw it’s substantial military and police presence from “occupied” Gaza, the goverment would also forcibly remove the residents of all Israeli settlements.

2014111143913608580_20Sharon had grown tired of waiting for the Palestinians to get serious about negotiating a two-state, live-and-let-live solution. (Spoiler alert: The Palestinians don’t want to live-and-let-live. They want Israel destroyed.) What’s more, Israel was being vilified globally for being an “occupier” in Gaza.

So, Sharon proposed a radical move. A unilateral, no preconditions, no quid pro quo withdrawal from Gaza. The withdrawal would also serve as an grand experiment. Namely, if Israel’s good faith in withdrawing in little Gaza was rewarded with some peace and quiet, perhaps it could pave the way for a future withdrawal from all or part of the “occupied” West Bank.

It was massively controversial within Israel–and even within Sharon’s own governing coalition. In fact, then-cabinet-member Benjamin Netanyahu resigned in protest, warning that the withdrawal meant allowing the creation of a terrorist base of operations for attacking Israel that could be constantly supplied via the Red Sea or Egypt’s desolate, lawless Sinai desert.

Netanyahu’s objections have obviously proven well-founded. Almost immediately Hamas took control and began to receive aid from Israel’s mortal enemies such as Iran and Syria. Hamas also began hijacking the billions of dollars of annual aid poured into dysfunctional Gaza by the international community.

For example, instead of building infrastructure or creating an self-sustaining economy to lift the suffering people of Gaza out of poverty and dependence, Hamas commandeered aid funds and poured them into creating invasion tunnels. Just one tunnel discovered in the recent ground fighting is said to have cost $10 million and required two years and 800 tons of concrete to build.

There are scores of similar tunnels leaipc_169_2eding into Israel.

I point all of this out to pose a simple question: Given what Israel has experienced since withdrawing from Gaza, how motivated should they be to withdraw from the West Bank at any point in the future?

Answer that question with this additional thought in mind. Israel is massively dependent on tourism for it’s economic health. For several days a few weeks ago, all international air traffic in and out of Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport was halted because a missile fired from Gaza had gotten close to the airport. If that moratorium had continued it would have dealt a crippling blow to Israel’s economy.

Ben Gurion Airport is about three miles away from the theoretical dashed line on maps that represents the edge of the West Bank.

My point is, the day that Hamas missile sailed too close to Tel Aviv airport is the day the chances that Israel would ever leave the West Bank died. Israel will never withdraw from the West Bank territories. It cannot. Not as long as, in the words of Golda Meier, “the Palestinians hate the Israelis more then the love their children.”